Welcome to BigFeta’s documentation!

BigFeta is a scalable linear least squares image stitching and alignment solver that can align millions of images via point correspondences. The solver runs on systems from individual workstations to distributed clusters.

This solver was developed to provide the image alignment steps for [Mahalingam19]. The starting point for this package was the MATLAB-based package described in [KDS18]. This solver is described in [Kapner19].

Compared to that repository, this repository has a number of changes and additions:

  [KDS18] this repo
language MATLAB Python, C for external
external solver PaStiX multiple, via PETSc
external solver installation independent of repo included in Singularity container
  • translation
  • rigid approximation
  • affine
  • polynomial to 3rd degree
  • translation
  • rigid via rotation transform
  • affine
  • polynomial to arbitrary degree
  • thin plate spline
automated tests N/A TravisCI

The User Guide

Use cases and detailed explanations of input parameters.

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[Kapner19]Daniel Kapner… Tbd. TBD, 2019. URL: TBD, arXiv:TBD.
[KDS18](1, 2) Khaled Khairy, Gennady Denisov, and Stephan Saalfeld. Joint deformable registration of large EM image volumes: A matrix solver approach. CoRR, 2018. URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/1804.10019, arXiv:1804.10019.
[Mahalingam19]Gayathri Mahalingam… Tbd. TBD, 2019. URL: TBD, arXiv:TBD.

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